Pedro Luque Briozzo
Cinematographer IATSE Local 600
Born on November 20th 1980.
Formed in plastic arts at Enrique Badaró´s atelier from 1996 to 2000.
Graduated in 2004 at Escuela de cine del Uruguay.
Guitar player in Santacruz, a psychedelic stoner-rock band.
Working as a free-lance cinematographer.
Feature films, fiction:
“A man in the dark”, Sony pictures, Ghost House, Good Universe, directed by Fede Alvarez (2016, in post)

“Era el cielo”, RT productions, directed by Marco Dutra (2015, in post)

“El Hipnotizador” 8 episodes series, HBO, directed by Alex Gabassi & José Eduardo Belmonte (2015)

“Dermaphoria” directed by Ross Clarke, shot in New Orleans (2014, in post).

“Dios Local” directed by Gustavo Hernandez (2014) Premiered at Sitges 2014.

“Re-Locos & re-pasados” directed by Manuel Facal, (2013).

“La casa muda” (Silent House), directed by Gustavo Hernández
(Quinzaine des realisateurs, Cannes 2010)

“Miss Tacuarembó”, 2010,  directed by Martín Sastre

“El cuarto de Leo”, 2009, directed by Enrique Buchichio



“Mundialito”, directed by Sebastián Bednarik

“Cachila”, directed by Sebastián Bednarik

“La Matinée”, directed by Sebastián Bednarik

“Hit”,  directed by Claudia Abend y Adriana Loeff

“Palabras verdaderas”, directed by Ricardo Casas

Short films (selection):

“Ataque de pánico”,  directed by Fede Alvarez

“El buen hebreo y el faraón”, directed by Ismael Varela, Matías Singer, Lula Aljas y Guillermo Madeiro.

“El hombre muerto”, directed by Julián Goyoaga

“Matrioshka”, directed by Germán Tejeira.

“Noche fría”, directed by Enrique Buchichio

“Humo Azul”, directed by Gustavo Hernández

“Wrocic (volver)”, directed by Víctor Inciarte

“Hobby metal”, directed by Maxi Contenti

Music Videos (selection):

“1987”,  Campo, (Latin Grammys 2012) directed by Matías Paparamborda & Martín Rivero.

“Miguel gritar”, directed by Charly Gutierrez.

“El hijo de Hernandez”, Cuarteto de Nos, directed by Charly Gutierrez.

“Nothing left to say”,  Silicon Fly, directed by Rodo Sayagués.

“Tan lejos”, de No Te Va Gustar, directed by Pablo Abdala.

“Reevolución”  No Te Va Gustar, directed by Gustavo Hernández.

“Ahora”,  Boomerang, directed by Charly Gutierrez.

“Bed Knife”,  Santacruz, directed by Gustavo Hernández.

Cinematographer for video artists Martín Sastre (“Diana, the rose conspiracy”, HD color, “Freaky birthday” HD, color), Ale Cesarco (“Everness”, 16mm B&N, “Zaide Isaac” 16mm color, “Methodology” HD color) y Jessie Young (sin título, 16mm color, Grounds for Divorce (16mm color), Espalda (2012 16mm color).

As an editorial photographer his images were published in various magazines such as “Rolling Stone” Argentina, “La Mano”, “Bla”, etc.
Works as a free-lance cinematographer in advertising since 2005, shooting for brands like Coca-cola, Pepsi, Kraft, MTV, Fiat, OPPO, etc.
Has won the “La pedrera short film festival” award for best cinematography in five occasions.